Curtains In Revit

So, curtains, .. they are famous aren’t they ?
Well, first don’t be fooled, they can be very strong weapon to your designs, and also a bad one.

You need to understand how they work in Revit, and how to control them.

In the following lectures, am going to explain the what are curtain walls, curtain roofs, and curtains systems.
Also, what are grids, panels and mullions.

Let’s get started.

Curtains Introduction
Curtains Grid Control
Curtains Panels Control – System Panels

More Lessons Coming :
Curtains Panels Control – Other Walls & Loaded Panels : ( Cooking )
Curtains Mullions Control : ( Cooking )
Curtains Corner Mullions Control : ( Cooking )
Curtains Examples : ( Cooking )
Curtain Roofs : (Cooking)
Curtain Systems : (Cooking)
Curtains Special Solutions : (Cooking)

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كيف اعمل attract لطول ال mullions ?


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