Revit Core

Includes Revit & Dynamo, In this course, we will dive into the world of BIM, using the most cutting-edge tools and technologies to automate lots of tasks.

In this course, you will learn Revit from the very basics of it, up until using the most advanced workflows in Dynamo with Revit.
The first few chapters will introduce the installation, the UI, and some general important information to consider in your journey.

After that, we will be introduced into the view specific concept, such as annotations, and visibility graphics settings.
Then, we will start learning about Walls, Floors, Ramps, and some other building elements tools.

You will stumble upon Chapter 9, which is the most advanced chapter you will ever see. It is filled with deep Revit Families concepts and automatic Dynamo workflows.
During the course, you will also understand how to create sychronisable connections with other designing software such Fusion 360, and FormIt.

Once you finish this Core course, you should start expanding your knowledge with the follow up Extensions.

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