How To: Reserve Live Support Session

AECedx Live Support, Helps you remotely to figure out your problems


1.Download AnyDesk, you can download it from here


2.Open AnyDesk.exe to start installation process.


3.Your ID is a unique number that you should save it to give it to us in a later step.

This is a portable launch; you can stop here and copy your ID from now. Also if you want to install in your device to east access from program files you can click on (Install AnyDesk on this computer)

4.Go to (Reserve Live Support) from your profile tabs. and reserve a live session based on your problem type, and pick a suitable time for you to be connected within it.

5.Select the most suitable date and time for you.

6.Confirm your identify by entering your AECedx account’s password

7.Click on (Approve Booking)

8.Send your ID to your instructor. Open your profile from here, Then contact your instructor with your Anydesk ID.


9.In the time of the live session, please be sure that AnyDesk is open and wait this dialog to popup, approve it, and here we go. We are here to help you figure out your problem.