What Is Subscription?

How Subscription Works?

As soon as you subscribe in one of our PRO+ membership plans, you will get all the benefits like (Access to all courses in AECedx, live support, support groups, messaging the instructors, and more).

Membership Benefits

Courses Access

PRO+ Member Will Access To All Courses In One Membership.

Exercise Files

PRO+ Member Can Download Our Exercise and Homework Files Inside Lessons.With No Limits

Get Live Support

PRO+ Member Can Reserve A Live Support Session With Any Instructor.

Are There Any Limits For Watching The Lessons?

When you are subscribed to PRO+ Membership, you can watch our lessons with no limits.
We believe that you should repeat some of them more than once to master.

Can I Watch Any Sample of The Lessons Before I Pay?

Absolutely Yes! As soon as you Create An Account in AECedx, you should find them in your Profile Page when you sign in.

Do You Offer Any Contracts to Train A Company?

We happily welcome any sort of training arrangement with companies, just send your requirements to [email protected], and we will reply to you with our offer.